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e-safety form

TeST Request Form

TeST your safety knowledge with Tokio Marine's e-Safety Training resource.

Thank you for your interest in Tokio Marine’s e-Safety Training Resource and Learning Management System!

Tokio Marine America is proud to offer TeST exclusively to TMA policyholders at no additional costs unless otherwise specified. This resource is designed to complement your existing training programs.

Tokio Marine can provide your designated training administrator with secured Log On access that provides the ability to enroll your own employee’s in courses that best fit their job requirements. The administrator can track employees’ progress and download reports to document training through their personalized dashboard.

Customer service and Tech Support is available from 7 am to 7 pm CST Mon-Fri to help your training administrator or employee troubleshoot any issues they may encounter. Customer service information is provided on the login page of the TeST website at Administrator training is also available through easy to use links provided on the TeST website. Tokio Marine would require all new administrators to view the “New Administrator Training” in its entirety. This is a 30 min pre-recorded review of the administrator portal.

Please fill out the below form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact Information:
Specific Training Needs:

Please provide us with information on your specific training efforts, and course titles that interest you and your organization. A full catalog list of training titles with a brief description of the training topic is available for download, Course Catalog.