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Our Group's Approach

The Tokio Marine Group's Approach to Social Responsibility

The Tokio Marine Group implements social responsibility through the execution of its corporate philosophy. The group’s goal is to solve social issues, to increase the value provided to all stakeholders, and to contribute to the sustainable development of society by working toward sustainable growth of the group as a whole, through the implementation of Socially Responsible practices.

Becoming a growing global corporate group based on customer trust, providing safety and security to customers worldwide, the Tokio Marine Group has been contributing to the ongoing development of society with the aim of achieving prosperity and comfort for every person.

Through its medium-term corporate strategy innovation and execution which began in April 2009, the Tokio Marine Group aims to continue to grow on the base of customer trust by providing products, services and business processes that meet customer expectations and by creating a level of quality that assures customer satisfaction.

Steadily working to improve product quality, Tokio Marine & Nichido began to significantly simplify automobile insurance and launched "TNet," a new IT system for agents, in May 2008, as the first step of its Business Renovation Project. In addition, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life continues to promote its "Movement to protect customers from cancer," under which it offers comprehensive protection that encompasses every aspect of its core business from prevention, to treatment and follow-up, a level of coverage for exceeding the scope of conventional insurance. Through such initiatives, each Tokio Marine Group member company has been constantly promoting innovations in business development that are based on customer trust.

What We Can Do to Create a Society in which it is Safe to Live

ln addition to fulfilling its responsibility and mission to society through business activities in the areas of insurance, risk consulting and finance, the Tokio Marine Group aims, as a good corporate citizen, to proactively contribute to the worldwide creation of local communities and societies in which people can live safely.

ln particular, problems related to climate change and global warming not only hove a major impact in such areas as water resources, food production, biodiversity and economic and social life, but can affect the very operational core of the insurance industry due to an increase in natural disasters. With this awareness, the Tokio Marine Group began investigating and researching climate change and global working earnestly in 2006, and this, in turn, led to the announcement of the Tokio Marine & Nichido Comprehensive Program on Global Warming in November 2007. In line with this comprehensive program, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been promoting the development and provision of products and services created in response to climate change and endeavoring to lower the environmental impacts posed by each of its business activities.

On March 31, 2008, Tokio Marine & Nichido become the first Japanese financial institution to be independently verified as "carbon neutral." This achievement is attributable to the company's efforts to offset the C02 emissions produced by its domestic business activities with mangrove afforestation, the purchase of green electricity and the retirement of emission credits. ln addition, as part of its environmental conservation activities, the Company, working together with customers, began reducing paper resources in May 2009 by promoting a shift from a paper based (brochure) to Web based format for insurance clauses. Through these activities, the entire Tokio Marine Group, along with agents, which constitute an important business partner, has been making concerted efforts to conserve the global environment for future generations.

We consider it our important duty to undertake activities that contribute to local communities and Societies around the world. Driven by the ideal of providing insurance for the future of the Earth. We started planting mangrove trees in Southeast Asia and other countries. We are now in the 11th year of the project and the net increase in the forested areas that it has yielded is a 100 meter-wide strip of forest extending from Tokyo to Kobe(approximately 600 kilometers). Moreover, the "Green Lesson" program that began in 2005 and is conducted by employees and agents has conveyed the importance of global environmental conservation to more than 15,000 elementary schools and schools for students with special needs across Japan.

Hereafter, the Tokio Marine Group will continue to support the ability of employees and agents to participate proactively and voluntarily in a wide range of activities that contribute to local communities and societies. Through our business activities, we will continue to promote Social Responsibility initiatives aiming to become a corporate group playing an indispensable role worldwide while maintaining the trust of all our various stakeholders. We would very much appreciate your support in the future.