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Casualty Loss Control

Casualty Loss Control

All businesses face risk.

At Tokio Marine, we have the expertise and experience to assess businesses' risk exposures and put in place programs that will safeguard employee welfare and mitigate against potential business loss.

Maintaining the health and safety of your employees means not only that your business runs efficiently but also that it avoids disruption, financial loss, litigation and damage to your corporate reputation. Our aim is to work with you to assess your potential loss exposures, eliminate or control hazards and contain loss expenses.

We understand that you need the assurance of the highest possible standards for your casualty loss control programs, which is why we have in place a team of highly trained and professional consultants who adhere to recognized industry standards such as OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, NFPA and DOT as a minimum guide for safe workplace practices. Tokio Marine's loss control consultants provide timely, responsive and customer-focused solutions. Not only are they experts in their field and highly experienced, but they are also skilled in listening first to your specific issues before recommending any action.

We assign senior level consultants that work with you at corporate and location levels to develop a specific plan to address the safety and loss control requirements of your company. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to identify and reduce loss by minimizing risk exposures in an effective and lasting manner. We can also provide you with continued support to guide your health and safety efforts as your business grows.

Our Casualty Loss Control Services

We offer customers an extensive range of casualty loss control services including:

  • Safety Program Evaluation - your current safety programs and procedures are assessed for their strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for enhancements are made.
  • Safety Training - our 'train the trainer' approach offers you information that will enable you to bring consistency to your management and supervisory training at multiple locations. We use a mix of web based, face-to-face, video and printed information to support your training initiatives.
  • Ergonomics - our consultants, who are trained in the principles of ergonomics, work with you to recognize cumulative trauma exposures and help you to develop practical solutions to eliminate and control them.
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling - our team of trained hygienists follow the protocol established by our accredited laboratory to perform and report on a wide range of industrial sampling.
  • Fleet Loss Control - vehicle accidents are a major cause of fatalities and injury in the workplace. Whether you have a few company cars or a fleet of trucks, there are strategies you can implement to reduce this exposure including web based defensive driving training and driver safety videos.
  • General Liability Loss Control - we have a number of tools that we can use to analyze and help you reduce your exposure to a variety of liabilities including contractor liability, physical plant liability and product liability.
  • Learning Management System & e-Safety Training - Our TeST Learning Management System helps makes delivering safety training convenient and easy through a user friendly platform that brings increased flexibility and more course delivery options for you and your employees. TeST helps ensure your safety training is both effective and compliant.
  • Safety Video Resource Library - we have a wealth of video material that you can borrow free of charge and use in your internal training programs.


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