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Social Responsibility


We are cognizant of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.’s commitment to social responsibility by implementing and adhering to a management philosophy that promotes: (1) safety and security in the products and services it promotes; (2) dignity and human rights; (3) protection of the global environment; (4) contributions to local societies; (5) compliance; and (6) communication with its stakeholders.

At TMA, we strive to uphold the core values of our parent in our local activities in the United States.

  • TMA’s Commitment to Products That Matter.

    We provide our clients in the United States with products that enhance their safety and security and allow them to conduct business in a meaningful way.

  • TMA’s Commitment to Dignity and Human Rights.

    We respect the rights of all our employees and promote a working environment that supports and acknowledges diversity. TMA believes that one of the best ways to respect people is to honor the employment laws of the country, states and/or localities in which we do business.

  • TMA’s Commitment to Protecting the Environment.

    We acknowledge that protection of the local environment is critical to supporting and improving the situation of our local personnel.

  • TMA’s Contribution to Society.

    We believe that wherever we do business in the United States, we should actively promote and engage in philanthropic activities that strengthen our communities. We should strive to improve the quality of life of not only the members of our workforce, but of the local community and society at large.

  • TMA’s Commitment to Compliance.

    TMA believes the best way to show respect to the locality in which it does business is to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as show the highest level of ethical decision-making in all aspects of its operation.

  • TMA’s Commitment to Communication.

    At TMA, we believe that disclosing timely and appropriate communications to our policyholders and employees is the only way to do business correctly.

To learn more about Tokio Marine Group’s global commitment to sustainability, visit TMHD’s website here: