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Tokio E-Safety training

Tokio e-Safety Training

Improve your safety knowledge with Tokio Marine's e-Safety Training resource

We are dedicated to helping our clients and their employees remain safe at all times. By partnering with SafetySkills, we are able to bolster our policyholders' safety training with over 500 EHS, HR, and OSHA Compliant, self-paced, online courses.

Our e-Safety Training is administered through a user-friendly learning management system and includes with a comprehensive start-up guide to help manage your account.

Looking for a place to start? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that transportation incidents are one of the leading causes of accidental injury in the workplace. Although employers cannot control roadway conditions, they can promote safe driving behavior by providing safety information to workers and enforcing driver safety policies. Check out our list of driver safety training courses to start preventing accidents today.

Training Administration Made Easy:

  • Easy-to-manage administrator dashboard
  • Flexible administration—add employees and track training progress to meet your organization's needs
  • Reports accessible through Excel and PDF documents automatically emailed to you
  • Each employee/student is provided with their own log in credentials.
  • Quick and easy employee-access Student Portal to required training
  • Student Dashboards—keep employees informed about scheduled courses, past-due assignments,and upcoming tasks
TMA Dashboard

Engaging Interactive Courses:

Our 500 courses are EHS, HR, and OSHA Compliant. All courses are competency-based and interactive to ensure an engaging learning experience for your employees. Our course catalogue offers:

  • Vibrant 3-D animations, full narration, and interactive questions and scenarios
  • Self-paced courses in multiple languages
  • Accessibility through a user-friendly interface 24/7 on a desktop or mobile device
  • Continuous updates with new content, fresh imagery, and improved features so courses remain relevant and engaging
TMA Course

Easy 3-Step Process:

  1. Fill out the form below to sign up for a demo of our e-Safety Training.
  2. Work with a TMA representative to decide which training courses are a fit for your organization, determine an appropriate number of credits, and set up your Learning Management System.
  3. Employ TMA's e-Safety Training at your office.

For a more comprehensive guide regarding how to set up your e-Training SafetySkills account, go here.

Start Your e-Safety Training Demo:

Check out our e-Safety Training! Fill out the form below to start your demo.
*Note: You must be a current insurance policyholder of Tokio Marine America and its insurance companies to be eligible to access Tokio Marine America sponsored training through our partnership with SafetySkills

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Getting Started With SafetySkills Guide
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