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What We Value TMAIC

TMA Purpose

Tokio Marine America provides "Anshin" (safety, security, and peace of mind) to our customers, business partners, and society.

TMA Values & Definitions

We believe Our Customers Come First

Everything we do is ultimately driven by our desire to create value for our customers. We will encourage every employee to know and understand our customer's needs to anticipate our customer's long term interests. We will act with humility, never taking for granted that we have solved our customer's most challenging problems or that we have serviced our customers to the best of our ability.

We will Develop High Performing Teams

Our greatest asset is the collective knowledge and experience of our colleagues. We will recruit and hire accomplished professionals that share our values. We will inspire each other with excellence, work collaboratively as a team, and care intensely about our success.

We will Act with Respect and Integrity

We will conduct ourselves and our business practices with the highest ethical standards. We will value each other as individuals and recognize each person’s talents and contributions. It is our spirit of integrity that mandates us to do our business in the right way and enables us to sustain our organization regardless of good or bad economic times.

We will Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

We expect our employees to communicate with clarity and provide feedback in a constructive way. We will do this by listening intently, speaking concisely, and acting transparently. Success is a team sport. The more we share, the more likely we will solve problems, create solutions, and ensure that every employee is a valued member of our company.

We will Take Intelligent Risks

Understanding risk is paramount in the world of insurance and a major reason for our success is that we encourage our people to take intelligent risks. We will act with courage by expressing our opinions, making tough decisions, learning from our mistakes, and questioning actions that are inconsistent with our purpose and our values.

We will take Personal Accountability

We expect all employees from the top down to take personal accountability for their actions and results. We encourage employees to involve others in our decisions and plans that affect them. We believe in a culture of making commitments and keeping those commitments. It is this accountability that drives personal responsibility and enables high performing teams to create quality and value for our customers, our partners, and our society.

We will Think Innovatively

We must be committed to finding and delivering better solutions through continuous self-improvement and collaboration. We expect every employee to challenge prevailing assumptions and search for new and improved ways that we can create value for our customers. We will be bold in our thinking, quick in our decision making, and free to fail and learn from our mistakes. Our thinking will lead to fresh ideas and impactful solutions for our customers.

We will be an Active Member of Society

We will make positive contributions to our community and to the environment through our business practices and creating opportunities for our employees to use their skills for good and to impact the world around us.

TMA Vision Statement

Your peace of mind is the measure of our success.

TMA Brand Promise

To be the most trusted partner to our customers and a company they can be proud to do business with.