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TMA Claims Services


We believe the consistent execution of best practices improves claim outcomes and reduces ultimate cost. We are committed to prompt, professional, and fair claims handling tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our claim services include:

  • Claim registration with robust data capture, including multi-tier risk management coding
  • Fraud screening for all claims, with referral for special investigation where warranted
  • Subrogation and subsequent injury fund pursuit to reduce the net cost of claims. Contact the National Subrogation Unit at for additional information
  • Careful loss and expense management, including timely reserve changes with documented rationale
  • A full range of medical management techniques, including multiple networks and utilization review
  • Litigation management, including defense attorney protocols
  • Marine, products liability, and overseas travel accident insurance claims expertise through our affiliate TM Claim Services, Inc


If you have an assigned adjuster please contact them directly. If you do not have the adjuster’s contact information you can call us at 800-628-2796 and follow the prompts to contact the appropriate party in the Claims Department to assist with inquiries on existing claims.

See our TMA Claim Office Contact Information for phone, fax and mailing information by location and type of claim.
Claim documents in paper form should be mailed to our centralized PO Box at P.O Box 483 Jersey City, NJ 07303.
Claim documents can also be faxed to us to any of the office fax numbers.

Types of Claims

Auto Claims


We provide claim services from a highly trained team specializing in a broad range of automotive related risks such as manufacturing, production, prototype vehicles, and service fleets.

Workers claims

Workers' Compensation

We offer prompt location of quality medical care with industrial clinics, hospitals, specialists, diagnostic facilities, durable medical equipment, as well as physical and psychological therapists.

Marine Claims


TMCS provides a broad range of transportation-related claims services involving all the major transport modes, such as ocean, air, and inland through fully-staffed marine departments in our New York and Los Angeles offices.



Claim Detail Search - Our Quick Search service is a great way to retrieve claim detail, adjuster notes, payment transactions, and accident facts on one or many claims with similar attributes.

Key Performance Indicators - These reports bring targeted information to every user’s personal page.

Online Claim Reporting - Access to State specific on-line First Notice of Loss forms including Federal OSHA log integration.

Loss Run Wizard - Allows users to effortlessly schedule a Loss Run report to be delivered by email at a specified frequency.

Reporting Tools

MyTMM is a robust and comprehensive reporting tool and analysis engine with dozens of standard report templates as well as the capability to create custom reports.

MyTMM can deliver all of your reporting and analysis needs.

  • Dozens of Pre Built Report Templates
  • Customized /Ad Hoc Capability
  • Analysis/Trending
  • Reports On Demand or by Schedule
  • Multiple formats: Excel, PDF, HTML

Security & Support

MyTMM utilizes several security measures to provide secure online data to our customers. Individual Sign On and Password Protection; Inactive Session Time Out; three failed login attempt protection; and Daily Data Verification are just some of the features that keep your data secure.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated Staff is available to answer your questions via our toll free hotline and by email. A range of training options are available. Contact MyTMM Customer Support for more information.

Cost Containment

Preventing escalating medical and disability cost requires early intervention through a series of cost containment strategies including a comprehensive Managed Care Program.

Managed Care Organization Programs

Provide maximum cost savings by utilizing a certified network of quality medical providers. MCO savings are achieved by extending medical control and channeling medical care to quality network providers. Each state has their own unique requirements for implementation.

PPO Networks

Quickly locate quality medical care with industrial clinics, hospitals, specialists, diagnostic facilities, durable medical equipment, as well as physical and psychological therapists.

Medical Bill Review

Control cost by identifying over utilization, overcharging, miscoding as well as other abuses and paying only for treatment that is medically necessary.

Utilization Review

Pre-certification of medical treatment to ensure all treatment requests are medically necessary.

Pharmacy Savings Program

Lower prescription costs by utilizing network pharmacies, control over utilization, and simplify filling prescriptions with no out-of-pocket expense.